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The transformation of Datwyler IT Infra

An interim report by Johannes Müller

Jan 25, 2022

News 2022 01 Mueller

How is a classic cable manufacturer with a tradition going back over 100 years transformed into a successful high-tech solution provider in the IT infrastructure sector? A few years ago we asked ourselves this question, found answers, and set out on our way. Our goal: to transform the company and position it in the market so that together with our customers we could guarantee sustainable and profitable growth in the digital age as well.

You cannot place an order for transformation on this scale. The requisite changes are too far-reaching and affect all the firm’s employees, functions and business procedures. In addition to a clear vision and strategy we drew up a challenging transformation programme. This involved different work packages which had to run in parallel and be closely guided and regularly tracked by a professional management.

All at once sales colleagues are selling projects at C-level. Turnkey projects are being planned and implemented together with customers. Cost-efficient and energy-efficient solutions in the data centre and edge computing fields are being developed by experts, components are being tested and purchased on the world market. In the areas of software and services there are new skills, resources and processes at Datwyler. In short, scarcely a stone has been left unturned. And yet we still manufacture cables which rank among the best in the world. They are a mainstay of our IT infrastructure solutions.

The success of our transformation ultimately depends on three factors: Does the market perceive us as a leading player in the IT infrastructure sector (market perception)? Can we enthuse our workforce for the journey into the future (internal communication)? And are we successful not only in attracting new talent, but in keeping our experts and developing their skills (capabilities)?

I have every confidence. Datwyler IT Infra is successfully underway and we are making good day-to-day progress. Positive feedback from business associates and staff, but also good financial results, are encouraging us to continue on our chosen path, and to steadfastly support you, our customers, on your way into the digital future.