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The new “HD-DC Solution”

Up to 96 LCD or MTP ports on 1 rack unit

May 23, 2019

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Higher port densities and maximum flexibility. Integrated cable management. Secure, easy-peasy cable handling at front and rear. Generous labelling fields and optimum clarity. These are only some of the highlights which the newly developed “HD-DC Solution” can offer users.

The “HD-DCS” is a compact, modular and efficient-to-use 19-inch platform which was designed as a flexible modular system. It provides up to 96 LCD or MTP ports – i.e. up to 1152 fibres with MTP12 – and only occupies one unit (U) in the rack, inclusive of the integrated cable management system. This also makes it easy to manage the high port densities associated with large switches and SAN directors.

LCD and MTP ports can be combined as required. The port density of each plug-in module can also be individually selected. To this end the modular system provides three versions with 6, 12 and 24 ports. Last but not least, the port density on partially equipped panels can easily be increased during subsequent upgrades – even during operation. While giving maximum clarity this makes optimum use of the valuable space in hyperscale and cloud data centres.

The solution – including all the requisite cables – will be available by the end of June. You will shortly be able to find the data sheets here