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Smart parking in Hattersheim

Datwyler implements smart city solution

Jul 27, 2022

News 2022 07 Lo Ra WAN

At the Datwyler IT Infra site in Hattersheim six charging stations have been equipped with LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) parking sensors from MIOT Technology GmbH. This solution means that Datwyler, the town of Hattersheim and all the businesses based here can benefit from the innovative parking space management system known as “smart parking”.

LoRaWAN technology records the patterns of car park usage. These data simplify the management of parking spaces and also feed into mobility plans, saving time and helping to reduce noise and air pollution. In short, indirectly enhancing the appeal of the site.

Datwyler is currently using the available charging infrastructure with three twin charging points on the Hattersheim site as a showcase. This is scheduled to enter regular operation in the autumn of 2022.

The solution extends the smart city urban network in Hattersheim in the eastern district of town. LoRaWAN technology, the associated sensors and the AI-based analysis of IoT solution provider HEY IIOOTE can be employed for numerous smart city solutions in future. These include the measurement of temperature, atmospheric humidity, noise and even water levels in ports. Visitor flows can thus be monitored and directed, data for traffic management collected, and streetlights intelligently controlled. Other smart city scenarios include the control of ventilation, heating and light in public buildings, or intelligent refuse bins and containers which give automatic notification of filling levels so as to optimise emptying routes.