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Maximum availability thanks to infrastructure monitoring

Feb 25, 2022

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The IT infrastructure is assuming an increasingly important role in the value creation process of companies. System failures or human error causing unplanned downtime in server rooms and data centres can pose a high inherent economic risk. The complex and sensitive infrastructures are, however, easily controlled with the right IT monitoring.

According to studies by the Aberdeen Group the failure of data centre services on average incurs costs of over 1.5 million US dollars for each problem that arises. The loss is even higher (2.9 million) if emergency planning is inadequate. On the other hand, companies which constantly monitor their infrastructure only spend 72,000 US dollars in rectifying malfunctions.

Of course it remains the case that without controlled downtimes it is not possible to operate either large or small data centres. Software must be updated, hardware replaced and maintenance carried out. In order to keep costs as low as possible it needs clever planning and the right monitoring technology to keep downtime at a minimum. For example the monitoring of cooling, power supply, access, temperature and atmospheric humidity. As soon as the pre-defined limit values are exceeded, the system immediately raises the alarm so that the problem can be remedied promptly.

The best infrastructure monitoring systems are those which afford a good overall picture and detailed views of the IT infrastructure status in individual racks and the data centre as a whole. Such a system remotely monitors the environmental conditions, access and energy consumption of the IT components in real time. Should errors or emergencies occur, it warns users so that they can take the necessary measures to protect the business-critical systems well in advance.

Attractive graphics, multiple interfaces
Datwyler IT Infra has now added a rack monitoring solution to its product range: the new DIMS – Datwyler Infrastructure Monitoring System – and a series of sensors combine hardware and software to form a high-performance monitoring solution which can, for example, be used in micro and mini data centres. With eight (DIMS 300) and four (DIMS 200) ports respectively for the connection of door, temperature, atmospheric humidity and smoke sensors and cameras they are designed for various operational environments.

Users benefit from a multilingual Web-GUI with integrated logic, graphical representation of environmental data, a choice of reports, and convenient user access management. Maintenance alerts and alarms triggered in the event of critical occurrences can be sent on request by email, SMS or SNP traps. The monitoring system is characterised by openness and flexibility: the integrated interfaces include Ethernet, USB, CAN, analog and digital. In addition there are SMP-compatible ports for the automatic detection of sensors for environmental and performance monitoring as well as security control.

In summary: infrastructure monitoring by Datwyler IT Infra allows automated remote at-a-glance monitoring in real time. This safeguards IT operations and saves time, which companies can use for important company-critical processes.

You will find further details in our new Rack Solutions Product Guide > (PDF).