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Key technologies for faster innovation

An interview with Jaione Pagazaurtundúa-Alberte

Jun 23, 2023

News 2023 06 Microsoft Interview

In an exclusive interview for our customer magazine Jaione Pagazaurtundúa-Alberte, Director of Solutions PLM at Microsoft, explains which technologies are essential for the successful digital transformation of companies.

The expert thinks that there are “three technology components which companies should consider as fundamental building blocks” in order to speed up company innovation and improve productivity. Among the key factors which she describes in the interview are data access, cloud and edge computing, and “access to a large applications ecosystem.” She says that the latter are “industry-specific applications which can be made speedily available and administered as required.”

The solution developed by Microsoft, Azure Private Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC), is one such solution “that provides enterprises with a simple way to deliver these technology components”, explained Pagazaurtundúa-Alberte. It includes “4G/5G and other networking, edge cloud computing, and a portfolio of curated applications”.

You can read the full interview in the current issue of our customer magazine “Panorama”.