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High-quality simplex patch cords

High-quality simplex patch cords

Sep 23, 2022

News 2022 09 Simplex Patchkabel

Can be used in GPONs and WDM cabling

Datwyler IT Infra has now expanded its existing portfolio in the field of fibre optic data technology to include simplex patch cords in single-mode design (fibre type: G.652.D BLO). The new patch cords are available with the most common connectors, i.e. LC, SC and LSH – with both PC and APC polishing.

The processed connectors meet at least the requirements of class B. This means typical insertion loss values of ≤ 0.12 dB and return loss values of > 55 dB for PC and > 65 dB for APC connectors.

The BLO (bend loss optimised) fibres used combine the good transmission characteristics of the G.652.D fibre with the bending properties of a G.657.A1 fibre. As a result, they offer optimal conditions for preventing both compatibility problems and incorrect handling in carrier and FTTH networks.

With these high-quality simplex patch cords, Datwyler is closing a gap in the portfolio for Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) with single-fibre infrastructure in network level 4. WDM infrastructures that rely on simplex cabling, for example in the Central Office (PoP), can now also be served by Datwyler.

You will find the data sheets here >