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Future charging station project in Hattersheim

With sustainability and environmental protection in mind

Dec 14, 2021

News 2021 12 Ladesaeulen

Since October six charging stations for electric vehicles have been available for staff and guests at Datwyler’s European Logistics Centre.

Datwyler has had environmental policy in mind for many years now. Just recently the IT infrastructure provider introduced a comprehensive programme incorporating sustainability as a central strategic company goal. Customers and suppliers can rely on Datwyler IT Infra for resource-saving development and production.

As well as important elements such as cutting consumption, the focus is on reducing the vehicle fleet’s CO2 emissions and the use of renewable energy. In order to achieve the defined targets Datwyler started building charging station infrastructures on the Hattersheim site in October. These are for use by company employees, customers and suppliers.

Data recording and analysis included
The challenge was not only to find the right hardware and software for the charging station project. It was also to integrate the key figures into a higher-level reporting system. The reduction in the CO2 footprint had to be recorded, documented and analysed.

The first part of the project involved planning the electrical main and sub-distribution and connecting the charging stations to suitable cable cross-sections. The latter was implemented using Datwyler (N)HXH-J Keram FE180 E30-E60 5 x 16 mm2 safety cable with a 23.1 millimetre diameter. The cable was professionally routed from a main distribution frame in the logistics warehouse to the parking area in front of the buildings – among other things using Hermann clamps, which permitted quick and efficient fastening.

The chosen “hardware” comprised three twin ABL charging stations, with which six charging points were created. These were installed, connected, tested, parameterised and digitally networked on the basis of the pre-equipped cable infrastructure.

The networking guarantees smooth billing and charging point management.

Practical example for those interested
In future the charging point management data will be integrated in the software of Envio Systems, a Datwyler partner. This will allow all the information on consumption – including from the administrative buildings – to be centrally visualised in a graphical interface.

The information for routine overall reporting will be made available thanks to this solution. As well as this Datwyler can show those interested what data integration looks like in practice.

The ecological aspect naturally also includes the choice of the right electricity tariff. Long ago Dätwyler IT Infra GmbH decided on the purchase of 100% renewable energy.