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Considerably slimmed down

New cable design saves space and cuts installation costs

Dec 13, 2021

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Datwyler now supplies the tried and tested FO Outdoor wbGGT HP City / A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 24x24 cable (576 fibres) in a considerably “slimmed down” form: thanks to an innovative stranding method the external diameter, previously 28.2 millimetres, has now been reduced by almost one third to 19.6 millimetres. The first layer of the new design comprises nine loose tubes, while the second has 15 of them, each with 24 fibres.

Despite the “slimming down”, Datwyler has managed to retain all the good mechanical properties such as transverse pressure and tensile strength. The fibre optic cable, equipped with a standard singlemode fibre (G.652.D, 250 μm), has a tensile strength of 9000 N, making it suitable for running into tubes and cable ducts, as well as for blowing into microtubes over long distances and for direct burying.

Another advantage of this cable is its minimum bend radius of 300 millimetres. This is equivalent to almost half that of the old design and makes installation appreciably easier, for example in shafts and industrial plant where space is tight.

The cable can be supplied in lengths of up to 6000 metres in order to make the links as long as possible during installation and to keep installation costs down.

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