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C-Micro: more fibres, less cost

Fibre optic cables of the future

Jun 29, 2020

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With the new “C-Micro” product solution Datwyler provides network operators with an innovative cable which substantially increases the fibre density in duct systems.

The increasing density in access networks, city and wide area networks necessitates the installation of even more fibre optic cables in an already restricted space. There is therefore a demand for products which are as thin as possible and which can help reduce the costs incurred in civil engineering operations.

In the new “FO Outdoor wbKT C-Micro” cable Datwyler has now incorporated an OS2 single-mode fibre (G.652.D BLO) which has a diameter of only 200 micrometres (μm). The previous standard was 250 μm. By using this fibre Datwyler has reduced the cable diameter by around one third. For the user this means that more cable and fibres can be installed without the need to bury additional ducts.

The new metal-free fibre optic outdoor cable is currently available with 72 fibres. It has stranded loose tubes with dry interstices, so is simple to trim and very easy to assemble. It can also be easily blown into existing duct systems.

With all these advantages the “C-Micro” gives users the same performance features as Datwyler’s tried and tested “Micro” and “S-Micro” cables.

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