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48 RJ45 connections on 1U

Our new “KS-TC Plus Cat.6A” module

Oct 24, 2018

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Our new “KS-TC Plus Cat.6A” module

We are addressing the increasing problems of space in distributors, server rooms and data centres with our very compact Keystone module “KS-TC Plus Cat.6A” and two new patch panels.

Installation time is significantly reduced due to the practical locking clip with 360 degree shielding. Laborious fixing with cable ties is also a thing of the past with the “KS-TC Plus”.

In addition Datwyler can supply the “KS 48x” (straight) and ”KS 48x-a” (angled), two new patch panels. In combination with the new module 48 ports can be accommodated on one rack unit (1U).

The “KU-TC Plus” module is available for unshielded Class EA solutions.

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