UP-K Faceplate PS-TERA 2x

duct mounted
for 2 modules PS-TERA 4P, angled

1 Faceplate for 2 modules PS-TERA, angled
2 Example for faceplate with 2 modules PS-TERA and cover frame

Product variants & stock

Article No. Stock ProductColourWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN / EAN
UP-K Faceplate for 2 modules PS-TERA (delivery without cover frame, modules)pure white0.04 kg1 pc.40393910230147

Technical specifications

Modular faceplate PS-TERA 2x for duct mounting (UP-K). For the installation of 2 modules PS-TERA with angled outlet. The modules can be easily fitted into the faceplate. Inscription field with transparent cover. Delivery without modules.
The modules PS-TERA 4P enable the installation of multimedia cabling systems up to Class FA.
At each PS-TERA 4P module the connected 4 pairs can be patched individually, e.g. for transmission of TV, video, data or telephone. Thus, the single pairs in one data cable can be simultaneously used for different applications. NOTE:
The PS-TERA modules can not only be used in this faceplate but also in other Datwyler faceplates, patch panels and floor box solutions (please see our data sheets).
TERATM is a registered Trademark of Siemon.