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Karl Thoma

Karl Thoma 0823

Vice President Product Management Europe & Managing Director Switzerland

Karl Thoma (1979, Swiss) has been Managing Director Switzerland since March 2024. He was Vice President Product House Europe at Datwyler IT Infra since January 2024. Before joining Datwyler he was Managing Director at EVUlution AG, where he was responsible for the development and sales of innovative digital products and services for energy suppliers and infrastructure operators.

Karl Thoma has many years of experience in product management as well as research and development and excellent knowledge of the IT and telecommunications industry. Before EVUlution he worked as Head of Product Management at the energy supply company Repower AG and also held various management positions at Swisscom. He has a proven track record in project and innovation management.

He holds a federal diploma in telematics from the Technikerschule Uster (TSU) and an Executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA) from the Private Hochschule Wirtschaft (PHW) in Bern.