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Video monitoring and access control

Multi-level security systems ensure physical, technical and personal security in the data centre. This starts with monitoring of the site and the buildings and goes on to the control of the individual systems. The control of these systems is through a risk management and building management system which shows the status and monitors normal operation. All areas of the building management technology, including the video monitoring and access control, are connected to it. Messages are captured in an emergency call and service control room, which introduces the necessary measures when needed.

Modern closed circuit television (CCTV) camera systems are available for video monitoring in the data centre, offering all the necessary functions: multi-camera management, digital recording, simultaneous replay, image authentication, enhanced search functions including intelligent motion detection (Smart Motion Search), and a user-friendly control centre for remote access.

For access control, Datwyler recommends a powerful system solution which operates with hybrid and multi-layer authentication and offers comprehensive security functions. The web control interface, the systems interoperability and the integrated biometrics of this solution ensure at all times that all accesses are monitored and only authorised persons gain access. In addition, all admissions are logged and securely recorded.