Reliable power supply solutions

The power supply in the data centre must also meet all the requirements for high availability. It is not just the lifeblood of the IT equipment, but also of the air conditioning, the safety systems and the data connections. A sophisticated concept with dual power and emergency supply, as well as mains supply from different sources, secured by powerful uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and fully automatic emergency power generators (emergency power system, EPS) with up to 72 hours autonomous time, are indispensable today in high-availability data centres.

Datwyler offers you robust and reliable solutions for the power supply of your business-critical systems.

For this purpose, there are primarily UPS and battery banks and fully modular variants of these products, which ensure the secure operation of your equipment and – tailored to the on-site requirements – full redundancy, zero downtime maintenance and local as well as remote management, making modular power enhancements possible during operational running.

As a necessary enhancement for this purpose, we offer diesel or electric emergency power generators, which have proved their worth in environments other than in data centres, for example in the industry. All these generators are designed so that they can be extended by additional units and synchronisation according to location and load.

Of course all associated electrical equipment components are included in our portfolio of complete solutions for the data centre: distributors and switching equipment, automatic and static transfer switches (ATS, STS), residual current and overvoltage protection (FI/LS), bus bar systems and the cabling itself.

In addition, we also offer the most modern standard Dynamic Rotary UPS (DRUPS) to introduce a system which, in one single unit, can cope-up with and replace the generator, the static UPS and its batteries as well as the automatic transfer switch (ATS).

Reliable power for your mission-critical data and applications.

The implementation of your power supply system is done, as a rule, from the supply transformers or from the building entry as a continuous 5-conductor network (according to the TN-S principle), because the separation of the neutral conductor (N) and the protective earth (PE) conductor is a basic requirement for fault-free energy and data transmission.