Datwyler Micro Data Centre

Produktvarianten & Lagerbestand

Artikel-Nr. Lagerbestand ProduktCoolingKühlung KapazitätMaximale USV-KapazitätBattery backup timeIT loadAvailable spaceGewicht [kg]
MDC 6 kVAside cooling7.568 - 16 minup to 5.4 kW27U - 31U
MDC 3 kVAin-rack3.8310 - 20 minup to 2.7 kW24U - 27U100 kg
MDC 10 kVAside cooling12.51012 - 15 minup to 9.0 kW24U - 28U

Technische Daten

In a compact 42U rack Datwyler’s Micro Data Centre contains a fully preassembled plug-and-play IT infrastructure solution; including a power distribution unit, UPS, cooling system, fire suppression system, air gap sealing and environment monitoring system. It can be deployed within a few hours. It provides multiple ways to configure power and cooling redundancy to meet the current demand while being ready for future technology migration at no cost and less disruption.
Montage on floor or on raised floor
Notfall-Belüftung top of the rack and front door
Fernüberwachung cooling, UPS, access control, iPDU, temperature, humidity, alarm status, PUE, IT load
Ausfallsicherheit Tier I (MDC 3 kVA), Tier I, Tier II or Tier III (MDC 6/10 kVA)
Fernwartung cooling, UPS, access control, iPDU, environment setpoint, alarm notification
Eingangsspannung 220/230/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1Ph+N+PE or 380/400/415 VAC, 50 Hz, 3Ph+N+PE (60 Hz 10 kVA in single phase only)
USV-Kapazität up to 3 kVA with in-rack cooling, up to 6 or 10 kVA with side cooling
Benutzeroberfläche 10.4” touch screen and remote web interface
• Edge Computing
• As a computing node in remote and branch offices
• Smart facilities deploying IoT devices and/or running Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Automation, etc.
• As a floor distributor
• 42U rack with double glass front door/metal back door
• FM200-J fire suppression, 1U, rack mounted
• Emergency ventilation fans
• Smart access control (card, keypad or biometric)
• Pre-wired power distribution unit with fault isolation
• Intelligent PDU (iPDU)
• UPS and backup batteries
• In-rack cooling unit or side cooler
• Dual Power Input with ATS
• Environment monitoring system and sensors
• 10.4” touch screen
• Sound/light alarm with SMS notification
• Air gap sealing
• Vertical cable management tray
The Datwyler Micro Data Centre is tailor-made and customised solution to fulfil the customers’ specific needs and requirements.
Kabeleinführung top/bottom access