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“Multisite”: many sites – one sophisticated solution

Are you proud of the close relationship with your customers? Does your company provide them with a range of tailor-made services, in different cities, countries or even continents? Then you will probably operate your business from a model of multiple business units, shops or offices, striking a balance between local availability and central applications in respect of your IT architecture.

Typically, the IT experts in your company have a clear idea of where data has to be generated, stored and processed for the business to “work” and to enable the data to be analysed further. It is very likely that these staff members are well informed about the benefits of the Cloud and Edge Computing.

Often, however, the IT experts only have a vague notion of what the IT infrastructure underlying their IT concepts should look like. The issues of energy supply and emergency power, cooling and data networks belong to the specialist knowledge of other groups of experts – experts capable not only of designing the requisite central and decentral data centre and network infrastructure, but also of installing it and ensuring its sustainable operation, across all the company’s sites.

Professional support
That is why companies like to call on external help in defining, installing and operating such an IT infrastructure. Rightly so! Ultimately it must not only comply with present-day requirements, but must also be prepared to meet future challenges.

Numerous projects have demonstrated that Datwyler IT Infra’s service teams can close this gap …

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Many sites – one sophisticated solution