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CAT TV Panel

Active distribution panel, up to 862 MHz,
for the distribution of CATV signals

CAT TV Panel
Power adapter for CAT TV Panel


The CAT TV Panel is an active distribution panel that converts CATV signals (coaxial / 75 ohm) into a balanced signal (symmetrical / 100 ohm) for transmission over structured premises cabling. It can be operated with a reverse channel*. The CAT TV Balun which is connected close to the TV and/or radio reconverts the signal to coaxial / 75 ohm. It is possible to simultaneously distribute TV and telephone services over one and the same cable. Digital video broadcast programs over cable (DVB-C) can be also transmitted. For reception a DVB-C receiver is neccessary that is integrated in the end-user device or a set top box must be connected. Satellite programs can also be transmitted by using the head-end station and by transforming the signals into a frequency channel of the CATV frequency range.

  • For the distribution of CATV signals over structured premises cabling.
  • EMC EN 50083-8, EN 55022-B
  • Maximal equalization 12 dB
  • Maximum signal level 83 dBµV
  • Minimum signal level 70 dBµV
  • Housing metal
  • Keyfeatures Active distribution panel, up to 862 MHz,
    for the distribution of CATV signals
  • Note * For operating a reverse channel it is necessary to install a filter module and an amplifier in the CAT TV panel and to deploy a CAT TV Balun with reverse channel.


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Article No.StockProductOuter dimensionsFrequency range backwardFrequency range forwardWeight [kg]
1411770 CAT TV Panel set, 12 ports, with power adapter, without backward channel1 Uwithout or (optional) with backward channel 5 - 65 MHz45 (85) - 862 MHz3.58 kg
417824 Power adapter for CAT TV Panel1 U0.05 kg