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iPDUs - intelligent socket strips

with IEC sockets/plugs, black

Datwyler intelligent socket strips (iPDUs) have socket and switch inserts as well as control and outlet modules
in an aluminium (A series) or metal housing (B, C and D series).


The Datwyler intelligent PDUs (iPDUs) adopted the latest embedded system technology and support a wide variety of protocols including HTTP, SSL, DHCP, SNMP V1(V3), Modbus, Telnet, SMTP and NTP, remote firmware upgrade, daisy-chain connection and centralized management.
The iPDUs are of modular, “hot-swappable” design.
The iPDU family comprises four series, which meet every requirement from entry class to high-end solution:
A series: Measurement
B series: Measurement single socket
C series: Measurement & switching single socket
D series: Measurement single socket & switching single socket
This refers to the main functions: output (kW), voltage (V), current (A), power factor monitoring, power consumption (kWh), and temperature/humidity monitoring.
The iPDUs support the B/S (browser/server) architecture so that users can access to the PDU via web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

  • Power distribution in IT-racks in data centres and technical rooms.
    Capacity planning, energy saving and environment monitoring.


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Article No.StockProductWeight [kg]
4110619 PDU121-0700A-EN2 kg
4110620 PDU121-1204A-EN2.5 kg
4110622 PDU141-1204A-EN5 kg
4110621 PDU131-1604A-EN3.5 kg
4110623 PDU131-1204B-EN5.5 kg
4110624 PDU131-1806B-EN7.5 kg
4110625 PDU151-1806B-EN10 kg
4110626 PDU131-1204C-EN5.5 kg
4110627 PDU131-1806C-EN7.5 kg
4110628 PDU151-1806C-EN10 kg
4110629 PDU131-1204D-EN5.5 kg
4110630 PDU131-1806D-EN7.5 kg
4110631 PDU151-1806D-EN10 kg
4110632 PDUA-TH0.25 kg
More types/configurations available on request