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FO-DCS modular subracks, 19“/4U

to take 12 FO-DCS plug-in modules / front plates 3U/7HP

Modularly equippable FO-DCS 19"/4U subrack


Sturdy aluminium housing with side panels and front 19″/3U mounting brackets.
Pre-assembled with horizontal 84HP mounting rails to take a maximum of twelve 3U/7HP FO-DCS plug-in modules or front plates.
The extractable excess cable length tray (1U) is equipped with a base and offers 2 big cut outs on one side and pre-cut holes on the other side.
It can be inserted to the subrack on the fourth rack unit from the rear in two ways, so that optionally the cut outs or holes can be used as cable entry openings.
The slightly recessed arrangement of the excess cable length tray allows a 19″/1U management panel with support brackets or a patch mangement tray with guide elements to be fitted at the front.

  • The modularly equippable 19"/4U subrack can be used for a wide variety of applications, depending on the type of plug-in module or front plate.
    It can be used as a modular high-density solution for up to 144 duplex ports (288 fibres) or up to 144 MTP® ports (1728 fibres) in the data centre environment.
    Easy migration to all parallel optic applications, e.g. to 40/100 GbE, is possible with FO-DCS 3U/7HP MTP front plates.
  • Housing Solid aluminium profile with side walls, integrated 19"/3U fixation on the front
  • Cable entry from rear, via the cassette for excess cable length
  • Capacity 84HP, up to 12 FO-DCS slide-in modules or front plates 3U/7HP
  • Acceptance capacity 12 FO-DCS inserts
  • System FO-DCS
  • 19"/4U subrack with 19" mounting brackets on 3U (without plug-in modules / front plates)
    84HP mounting rails for 12 3U/7HP FO-DCS inserts
    1U excess cable length tray, integrated, insertable from rear


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Article No. Stock Product Outer dimensions (HxWxD)ColourMaterialWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN / EAN
470642 FO-DCS modular subrack, 19“/4U, 84HP 178 mm x 483 mm x 295 mm black Aluminium 1.8 kg 1 pc. 40393910148367
57159500ZY FO-DCS blank partial front plate 3U/7HP black Polycarbonate (PC) 0.05 kg 1 pc. 40393910006049
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